Monday, 16 March 2015

This Is What School Lunches Look Like Around The World

I saw this article few days ago whilst on MSN website which featured school lunches across the word. I remember my school lunch days not with fond memory if  I may add, it usually consist of tuna sandwich, a piece of cake, fruit and drink or chips, cake and fish fingers  because I didn't like the look of the rest cooked foods on offer. It was nothing like the lovely food featured by MSN.

I have picked some of my favourites based on the food I still love and loved as a child growing up ( rice, plantain) as well as the ones I would have love to try if I had the opportunity as they look lovely and I hope would also translate to tasting lovingly too.

Here's what lunches around the world look like

I am a big fan of plantain as I get to eat it at least three times a week. Everything about the food looks lovingly and delicious.

Here's what lunches around the world look like

The main appeal for me with the Spanish school lunch are the shrimp, rice, tri colour pepper and off course the soup.

Here's what lunches around the world look like 

Everything on this plate looks pretty, healthy and colourful too.

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