Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Long Sleeve Tuxedo Tee By Kickle

If you actually thought that this tee shirt by Kickle is an actual a Tuexdo suit, you will be forgiven. I love the novelty idea of this boys top and it is Ale and Alexa own line of children's clothing. Though I'm not too sure if the same sizing issue I had when I bought for my daughter top would apply there. I find that their girls clothing runs really small beyond believe. 
My daughter who is only 4 years had to wear a size 10 top from the kickle range.

Fill In The Blank: These Herby Hedgehog Slippers Are......................................................

Don't these hedgehog slippers make you to want to laugh? Well for me they look cute and funny. Not only will these slippers help to keep the kids feet warm but it could be a starting point for conversation as they are not something that you see all the time. Apart from being very appealing to kids alike, the whiskers seen the felt these slipper adds an authentic touch.

They are available in sizes 0 to 4.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Outfit Of The Week: Burnt Orange Net Bow Appliqué Dress By Stella McCartney

Orange A-Line Bow Dress By Stella McCartney

The girly finish on this dress is beautiful and I am actually referring to the pretty bow appliques scattered all over the dress. It would make a lovely party dress for your little girl or you could actually buy it as a present for that little girl in your life whether she happens to be a grand-daughter, cousin, niece, god-daughter or your best friend daughter. What ever you reason for buying this dress, the little princess will surely adore them.

Little Boy Intarsia Moustache Sweater By Gap baby

At the weather is so cold, now is this time to start dressing the little baby boy in the family in cozy little sweaters. I love the little boy sweater featuring a French gentleman with a mustache. It is so cute. Made of 100% cotton.

Beautiful Hooded Ditsy Floral Quilted Coat with Mittens

Hooded Ditsy Floral Quilted Coat
Hooded Ditsy Floral Quilted Coat with Mittens, Price From £22 At Marks And Spencer

Myself included I know that I have been guilt for this too. But when I buying coats for my children, I usually stick to coats with hardy any pattern just so that it would compliment any given outfit. I couldn't help but to fall for this beautiful floral quilted coat by Marks And Spencers, apart from being different, it ditsy print adds a playful attitude to the coat.

For my little girl, this would be love love all the way.