Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mexican Inspired Burro Pull Pinata

Make your little person party a lot more fun by simply adding this traditional mexican inspired colourful burro pull pinata. The kaleidoscope of bright colours make it the centre of your kid's party. 

Fill the traditional mexican bull with little sweets and surprises and watch as your children have various successes taking a blindfolded swing.

Brown Watercolour Print Skirt By Dior

Brown Watercolour Print Skirt By Dior £90 (originally priced at £179)

This brown watercolour print skirt does look very different with the circle designs in brown and grey. The wide pleats helps to create a flattering shape. It features adjustable waist makes for a comfortable fit. This beautiful skirt is suitable for both casual and smart occasions.

Tops in any of the following colours ( grey, brown, coffee, melon and white ) would look good with this skirt.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Make Your Next Kid's Party More Personal By Adding Personalised Sweet

Let's be honest, sometimes we all from time to time like to give unique gifts to people who are close to us and we really appreciate whether it's birthday party, mother's day or father's day. I came across this website  when for hunting for a shoe speakers and I stumbled onto personalised sweets jar.

A delicious gift for a special occasion to your sweet toothed loved one. You have the option to choose from humbug, jelly beans, pear drops and mints.

Lindsey Berns's Line Makes Back To School More Fun

This recent collection of Lindsey Berns's for seems to me like the one of the most perfect line for back to school. My favourites from the designer's newest line are the denim artist smoke dress with paint brushes and hand-painted splatter paint detail, the zig zag leggings made of rayon and wool and finally the r appliqu├ęd with a red and green ultrasuede apple imagery sweater.

The price range is from $42 to $88 and is available from 1 - 6 years. Shop the line now to make sure your preschool looks cute going to nursery everyday!

Frederick Unisex Boots 7-12 years By STEP2WO

You will surprised how hard it is to find special occasion or just going out shoes for boys. And when you finally find one it is usually not pleasing to the eyes compared to girls shoes. However STEP2WO has design winter boots that can worn both by boys and girls. And it is called Frederick unisex boots. Made of leather, they are available in black and brown.

Styling Option For Boys - pair it with skinny jeans

Styling Option For Girls - pair with pretty voluminous dresses or skirt

Outfit Of The Week: Pink Dress With Feather Skirt

This pink feather dress seems to be influenced by 1960's fashion without making the little girl who will be wearing this dress appear to be too mature for her age. The cuffs,neckline and belt are decorated in large diamante gems and beads which are detachable if you want a different look as well as making the dress easier to wash.
This dress can also be used as a flower girl attire.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Pleated Multi-Print Navy Dress By Oscar de la Renta

I just love the panel contrast of blue and red combined with the bodice velvet bodice. Sometimes you come across dresses that looks good either on the back or front, but this happy prints on a pleated skirt complemented with a sophisticated velvet bodice looks good both side. The dress is made of silk and velvet.

Angry Birds Star Wars Hooded Robe

Only available in sizes 15 years and 16 years old.

This red bathrobe looks like a boxer robe. But what I find appealing is the combination of the two children's tv character of angry bird and star wars.The bathrobe is made of fleece fabric with angry birds print lining the hood, applique badge with embroidery slogan on breast and on the pocktes. There are also angry birds star wars logos around the wrists and pockets

Furniture Of The Week: The Land of Nod Gummy Bear Night Light

The plastic gummy bear night light is powered by a battery-operated LED light and comes in pink, red, orange, yellow, blue and green. It features a squeezable tummy on/off switch that turns on a high-powered LED light , one hour and infinite timers and wall mountable with hole in back for nail or hook.

Wall Me A Lullaby: Lyrical Wall Art For Kids Rooms

Are you thinking of how to transform the walls in your kids bedroom in order to inspire them and help make a lasting impression. If yes, the perhaps you could go through the route of creating wall art inspired by your favourite song.

The featured wall art is based on a song called "Your Song" by Elton John / Ellie Goulding - Song Lyrics Art Print and .

Beautiful lyrics to sum up just how much they mean to you, this would make a heartfelt gift to your loved one for any occasion.... or just because you want to make their day. Lovely for a nursery too, to celebrate a little one's arrival.

**This print can also be personalised with your own special message (maximum 20 words)**

Do you have other lyrics that are meaningful to you? We can recreate them in the same style especially for you here:

Furniture Of The Week: Vitra Eames Elephant Stool

Please take note this is a stool and can also be used as a toy. I am sure if even your kids hates sitting on stools but with vitra eames elephant stool, you would have to fight to try and get them of this stool. It is an usual shape stool and one that will surely captivate the kids imagination. Other colours includes White, ice grey, red and light pink.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Back To School: Lego Pencil Case

Gold Brick Pencil Case £8 | Mustard Brick Pencil Case £8 | Light Blue Brick Pencil Case £8 | Lilac Pencil Case £4

Featured below are different colours of pencil cases inspired by the bright and colour lego. The available colours would appeal to both boys and girls. These brick pencil case is the perfect place to house stationery and other arts and crafts materials. The solid pencil case is shaped like a classic lego brick and features a hinge lid.

Girls Applique Long Sleeved Polo In Navy By Joules

There are so many companies out there designing clothes for kids. But there are those who are exceptionally good in really designing clothes with kids in mind. One of the company is Joules. This cute navy polo top will win the hearts of the little girl who has a soft spot for horses and is into pink colours. Available in blue and navy.

Pink Angry Bird Pretty Single Bed Set

Pink Angry Bird Pretty Single Bed Set £12.50 (originally priced at £25) 
I have always seem all things angry bird in other colours except pink, which gives the impression that fans of angry birds are usually boys. So I guess that there are girls who are also fan of the angry birds too. So if your little girl happens to be one of them and she is in need of a new bed sets, these pink angry bird pretty single bed set would make an ideal gift.

I just wished it also comes in double sets too. 

Elmer The Elephant Music Box By Trousselier

Elmer The Elephant Music Box By Trousselier  €28 at French Blossom  

I saw this and immediately it reminded me of a similar music box my sister and I had as little children. We had to twist the butterfly tuner located on the side so that the figurine at the top would will then twist and turn. I just love the bright colours on this music box. Fans of Elmer The Elephant would love this music box and it would make an ideal gift.

This wind up music box plays the lovely tune ‘Fantasia in D minor’ while the Elephants twist and turn across the surface of the musical box.

Rocking Retro Trend With Fendi

Love to rock this 1960's retro look by Fendi, click on the links to buy!

Fendi Navy blue knit dress with leather pockets  €317,50

Chocolate leather flats with fur bobbles By Fendi €306,25

Headband with a black bobble By Fendi €97,50

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Back To School: Chloe Biscuit Quilt Hooded Jacket

Those of with unlimited budget for their kids back to school attire would love unusual coloured coats for their girls. It has a very strong quilted cover-up and the tan trimmings around the edge helps to make the coat look very stylish. And the biscuit colour helps to emphasis the main features of the coat such as detachable hood, a frontal zip fastening, two pockets and popper buttons.

The only problem I think some people would have is the colour as it would show dirt so easily unlike if the same style of coat were available say in black or navy blue. Overall the coat is really beautiful.

Orange Superpop Sprocket Rocket By Lomography

It's amazing how technology can influence our children's habit. With technology such as smart phones kids are always taking pictures of thing around. So if you are looking for ways to encourage your child's creativity or simply to ignite the little one’s passion for analogue photography, buying lomography rocket would be the way to go.

Below are the main features:
  • Suitable for ages 12 years plus 
  • Box measures 24cm x 9cm x 14cm 
  • Takes 35mm (100) film which can be developed at most high street developers 
  • Includes: Camera, lens cap, tripod/strap screw, booklet, instruction manual and blocking frame

Back To School: Green Clip Calculator By Mark

This light shade of mint green digital calculator is by Mark. It features clever clip system which means that it can be easily clipped onto a clipboard, desktop or notebook so that it will always be on hand to solve problems. It measures approximately 11cm x 13cm x 2cm. Suitable from ages 3 years plus.

Girl's Cotton Poplin Bow Dress By J Crew

The style of the above feature dress is available in two colours namely neon amethyst and deep navy. I seem to prefer the neon amethyst colour because of the contrast it would give when paired with a long sleeve top in either black or grey. It can be worn on its own and with a layer underneath during the cold season.

I love the flat-pressed bow at the neckline and the piping and the elegant piping.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Brocade Jewel Waist Dress By I Pinco Pallino

You hear so much weddings the most during the spring and summer, but there are those who seems to prefer winter weddings perhaps that could be attributed to the fact it the leading up to the Christmas season where all things are deemed magical. 

If you are attending a winter wedding with girls or she is one of the flower girls, this luxurious gold dress by I Pinco Pallino would be so perfect. But you have to be 6 or 12 years old to really enjoy this dress as that is the only size available.

Yellow Russian Doll Print Onesie By Their Nibs London

Initially I wasn't that keen on jumping into the onesie bandwagon, but now I all for it. I love to wear  it on one of my lazy weekends when I don't want to do anything else expect to watch re-runs of my favourites TV programme.   

Kids also love onesie and nothing could make your little girl happier that presenting her with this colourful nightwear. 

Pink Petal Shoes By Baby Graziella

Pink Petal Shoes By Baby Graziella £23.95. Originally priced at £34

Made from the softest of material with satin ribbon ties to ensure that the shoes remains secure on the baby girl's feet, they are ideal for the special occasion. It features soft petals at the front.

Back To School: Barbour Children Jacket from Country Attire

On average Barbour jackets for kids retails in the region of £49.95 to over £176. There at Country Attire, the liddesdale quilted jacket is currently on offer for £29.95, which then give an average savings of about £20 or more. During the transitional weather period, this would make a jackets for your little ones to wear to schools. Featured jacket is in navy, other available colours includes black, olive and red.

The jacket features corduroy collar and popper buttons running down the centre front. Features twin push pockets with branding stitched onto the left and popper button fastenings at the twin side vents.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Nail Polish For Girls By Little Bu

Apparently these nail polish are:
  • 100% water based
  • toxic free
  • washable nail polish
  • suitable for young children and pregnant women
  • 100% Vegan, not tested on animals.
There are a total of 11 colours available and each for of the colour is named after a character. Below are my favourites:  

Little Bu nail polish 'stella'- a pearlized glistening magenta. €10,95 
“Stella is an animal lover at heart. Her favourite furry friend at home is Bianca, her Russian dwarf hamster. But she's also obsessed with visiting the Penguin Beach at the London Zoo to watch the African penguins slip and slide.”

Little Bu nail polish 'savannah' - an orangey coral with shimmer.€10,95 
“Savannah is as natural as a fish in water. Whether spending her holiday in Ibiza or Miami, she's usually at the beach or pool splashing around!”

Little Bu nail polish 'emma' - a true creamy red. €10,95
“Emma is a girl who thrives on excitement. At the amusement park, you can usually find her riding the fiercest rollercoaster. She's the one who sits up front and throws both hands in the air!”

Little Bu nail polish 'kyra': luminescent silver with shimmer. €10,95
“Kyra has a natural international flare. She loves learning new languages, eating exotic foods and planning her next adventure to far away lands!”

Fill In The Blank: These Vintage Floral Print Cute Cocoon Coat By Monnalisa Are So................................................................


I have a slight problem sometimes with kids clothes been described as vintage, probably because I have not yet come across any parents hunting vintage kids clothes unlike adults clothes which can be purchased as vintage. 

But this monnalisa floral print coat does look vintage in a bad way. The pattern looks too old like a pattern usually used in making curtains in the 70's and 80's. But I guess this is simply my own opinion. That's my reason for adding this so called vintage coat under the 'fill in the blank' category. Usually I stick with my posting of 'fill in the blank' once a week, but can't help but to notice this ageing looking kid's coat that has been designed with kids in mind. 

Don't you agree with me that this coat is kind of ageing for kids?

Fill In The Blank: This Large Teddy Bib By Tartine et Chocolat Are So .........................................................

For those with experience feeding babies or older babies, you would all agree that it's hard enough as it is to get your makeshift bibs to stay in one particular position. On that note, can you really see this elasticated neck and arm strap working? What about if the baby is struggling as you are feeding him or her and somehow manages to wriggle its arm from the arm strap? If that was to some happen, it has defeated the purpose of the bib.

I personally believe that it would have been more useful if it has a velcro straps towards the back rather than the elasticated arm strap. So what you do you think?

Shoe Wings By Shwings

Shoe Wings By Shwings £10 at Alex and Alexa

This is been described as an ideal way of breathing new life into old shoes. The pair of wings can be easily attached to shoes by threading laces through each hole. One size fits all and is suitable for ages 3 years plus. Available in gold, silver, pink, blue and white colours.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Outfit Of The Week: Biscotti Flower Detail Jersey Dress By Kate Mack

Just love the pink, lime and grey laser cut flowers used to adore this jersey dress around the hem, neckline and sleeves. Goes to show that floral trend doesn't end with summer, it's on going well into the cold season. Perfect for winter parties.

I Pinco Pallino Sea Green Leather Flats

Bejeweled at each toe region, these sky blue flats will cause your little lady to dazzle with great impression. The jewel embellishment helps to add luxe finishing touches. The upper and inner sole is made of leather.

Furniture Of The Week: Pixie Nightlight By Beaba

Pixie Nightlight By Beaba £29 at Blossom Mother and Child 

Apparently this usually shaped Pixie Nightlight from Beaba is much more than just a lantern, it can also be used as a toy. This product has won awards for Best Baby & Infant Product 2010, Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Awards 2011/2012.

Below are some the benefits to consider:
  • Youngest babies will benefit from soft, reassuring light 
  • Press of button produces stronger light for older children 
  • Light can be removed from charger and used as lantern 
  • Ergonomic handles for easy carrying by young children 
  • Rechargeable base with charger included 
  • LED for energy-saving, brighter light intensity 
  • 7-12 hours of use when fully charged

Back To School: Lego Accessories Drinking Bottle

Each of the bottle is retailing at £10

Obviously the pink is for the girls whilst the red can be used by both boys and girls. This must be one of the coolest drinking bottles suitable as a back to school accessories and it will surely delight all the lego fans out there. Each of the bottle features the recognisable bright colours and is suitable for children aged three years plus.

Grey And Dark Green Houndstooth-Printed Hat By Monnalisa

So elegant, so cute. What else can I say.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Cute Little Baby Girls Bodysuit By Sara Kety

Cute Girls' Necklace & Purse Bodysuit By Sara Kety |  Girls Necklace Bodysuit  | Shop Till You Nap Bodysuit

Look at these adorable bodysuits in necklace and purse, shop till you nap and girls pearl necklace prints. These are indeed for the little fashionista in the making. All are available in 0 - 18 months. 

Stuart Weitzman Girls Wedge Sneakers

Stuart Weitzman Girls Wedge Sneakers £44.77 at Bloomingdales 

Just like I cringe each time I see adults wearing crocs, the same way I cringe when I see adult wearing wedge sneakers. However I seem to like this version of wedge sneakers for girls. So my question to all the lovers of this blog would be: are wedge sneakers a big fashion faux pas regardless of the age? Or simply something that only kids should wear?

Berry Chiffon Dress By US Angels

Berry Chiffon Dress By US Angels £80.58 at Bloomingdales

Really pretty chiffon dress detailing floral appliques and is finished off with a ribbon belt that ties in a bow at the front waist.

Daisy Matte Pink Sunglasses By Son’s & Daughters

Daisy Matte Pink Sunglasses £49 By Son’s & Daughters 

Suitable from ages 4 - 14. These glasses are hand made from premium acetate by Sons and Daughters with a strong focus on safety and style. I love this daisy pink sunglasses because it has a bright pink flower shaped rim with white layer temples. Very girlie and cute. Every little that I know would love to have one.

Map of Britain Jigsaw By Alphabet Jigsaws

Suitable from ages 7+

This would make a beautiful gift and its unusual in the sense that they have been very innovative using the shape of Britain to create an educational jigsaw.The puzzle is a great educational tool to teach counties of Britain as well as helping with eye to hand coordination, and fine-motor skills. Comes complete with a cotton bag to store the pieces.