Thursday, 9 April 2015

Let's Put Some Fun Into Camping This Summer

Eye Catching Kids Camping Tents  Price Range £195 - £385

May your camping dreams come true with these lovely and eye catching tents! I just went browsing on the Alex and Alexa website and I came across these lovely collections of camping tents and I just had to share them with you.

Home Furnishing For Your Kids Rooms by ModernPOP Designs

Pink Giraffe $25 - $130

Yellow School Bus $25 - $130

If you are looking for ways to help brightened up the play area or bedrooms of your children, you can do so by purchasing these lovely wall arts. The wall art are available in five different sizes - 8 by 10, 11 by 4, 16 by 20, 13 by 16, 17 by 22.

Hand Knit Train Pillow in Peru by Local Artisans

I just adore buying unusual and unique things for my children. And this train pillow is something I can see myself buying if I was to have another child again. This particular train pillow features the shape of a New York City subway train, complete with a number 1 detail, in honor of the NYC's 1 train.

I Adore These Yellow Outfits

Ahh yellow. What a cheerful colour! 

If you feel that your children's wardrobe needs some injection of colour!  I have a list of mellow yellow outfits for your princes and princesses.

Yellow Chiffon Ruffle Layer Dress £40