Thursday, 26 February 2015

VALMAX Red Ribbon Tie Necklace

Valmax Red Ribbon Tie Necklace £37

There are some accessories you have that sort of places restriction on how it should be worn. However I don't seem to perceive the same impression with this cute piece. It can be dressed up or down and still look amazing. In my opinion, it would be the focal point of any look you want to achieve.

Valmax is an Italian designer renowned for its beautifully elegant, timeless designs and the most special selection of dresses.

Unisex Kenzo Fish Print Sweater

Red 'Koi' Fish Print Sweater, Kenzo

White 'Koi' Fish Print Sweatshirt, Kenzo

Navy Blue 'Koi' Fish Print Sweatshirt, Kenzo

Sometimes when you have children all close together in age but are of different sexes, it can be difficult trying to hand down outgrown clothes of an older child to the younger one. This is why I think these beautiful fish print sweaters by Kenzo are so perfect as they are available in colours that can be worn by either sexes without having to worry whether the colours are too feminine or masculine.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Furniture Of The Week: Dodo Bassinet in Solid Gold

This is a 24-carat solid gold. My opinion has to be the most expensive crib in the world. The price for this is set in the region of €12,000,000. The dimension of this crib are: Length: 96 cm – Height: 114 cm – Width: With the eye watering price tag- the following are included Set of fabrics Golden Line. Includes: Protector, pillow, mattress, mattress sheet, base sheet, comforter.

Kids Shoe Designer: Pablosky

I have always relied on Clark shoes as the to go shoe shop for kids to wear to school. However as a parent I am always on the look out for other brands with the same quality or even better than whatever my current favourite brand at the time might be. One of the brands that I have recently discovered is a Spanish Designer - Pablosky.

Pablosky has been manufacturing children´s shoes for over 30 years in the Spanish town of Toledo. They have become experts in children´s fashion as well as knowing what a child needs.

I bought my daughter's first school shoes about a year ago and the way the shoes has passed the test of time was shocking to me. The price tag is of the same region as most well known retailers for kids shoes. One of the retailers that stock Pablosky is Spartoo.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Thomson Airways Unveils Plans for Family Booths and Couples' Pods on Planes

There's no day to goes by you don't read or hear about flight rage. I remember reading an article about some of the worst behaviours flight attendants have come across such as customers using recliner seat without consideration of the person seating behind them. Such experience can make your travel feel so worse and less memorable. And I guess travel companies are looking into ways of trying to remedy the problem as Thomson Airways announces plan to introduce family booths, couples' pods and child-free zones to its plane in the next five years.

According to the Daily Mail, Thomson Airways will introduce family seating, couple pods and child-free zones by summer 2015.
Other new additions includes, In-flight meals and drinks will also be based around the destination, with a "dedicated holidaymaker".