Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Wooden Guitars by VILAC

Show how much you love your musically inclined child, niece, nephew, cousin, god-daughter, godson, grandson or granddaughter by buying them one of these lovely wooden guitars by Vilac. Suitable from 3 years old and up and is priced at £25 each.

Fendi's Navy Inglesina Stroller at £704? Really

Since I became a parent to three children one of the things that I have learnt is that not every kids related items with higher price point are of superior quality than those within the affordable or value range. Most of the experience can only be attributed to personal shopping experience.

So based on that note, I know that just because it says 'FENDI' does not means that it is better than the good old McLaren stroller.

I know that I wouldn't part with my money buying this. Would you?

Really? Is this better than a Maclaren Stroller given the price tag?

Girl Pink Skirt With Butterfly Appliqué

Cute gathered skirts that will be great for your little do a twirl in with the butterfly appliqué design around the hem.

Kids Beautiful Vintage Patterned Suitcase by Lalé

I remember having my hair done a while ago and my hairdresser was telling on how she was preparing for their to Jamaica. And I remember her talking about having an airport look, for a minute I though I was hearing things but on second thought i totally understood what she was talking about.

So if you like your kids to have a certain look whilst on transit or travelling, I feel that these kids suitcase like stunning suitcases by Lalé will certainly  do the trick.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Back To School Ready: Girls All About Grey

The featured girls all about grey is not only perfect for back to school fashion, the same look could equally work for parties and beyond.

Back To School: Grey School Satchel by Coq en Pâte Editions

Not sure why, but this grey satchel reminds me of the sort of bag you would usually see boys scout carry. It feels like a proper school bag and would appeal to children that likes graphic effect on their school bag.

Furniture Of The Week: Mr Maria Nanuk Lamp

A white polar bear lamp by Mr Maria. Nanuk's adorable face will be ideal for little one's bedroom, playroom or nursery. It comes with handy brightness adjuster, the lamp can be used as gentle night light.

Trousselier Liberty Print Angel Bunny Rattle

Most of baby's rattles are usually in plain colour whilst other can be on the bright side, so if you are the type of mother, father, uncle, auntie, nephew, niece or cousin or close family friend that wants to buy a rattle that's different from the what's currently on offer, have a look at this Angel Bunny Rattle by Trousselier in liberty print.

Boys Multicoloured Stripes Socks And Days Of The Week

With each days of the week clearly written on the sole of each of sock, I see no reason why he wouldn't want to wear each pair to reflect the actual day of the week.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Aeroplane Inspired Kids Suitcase by Bakker Made With Love

Aeroplane Inspired Kids Suitcase by Bakker Made With Love. The price is between €32,00 and  €62,00.  

If your little boy or girl is mad or crazy about all things aviation or aeroplane then he or she will fall head over hills with these selections of aeroplane inspired kids suitcases by Bakker Made With Love. These suitcase are no doubts very stylish, chic and will turn heads during any given trip. Some of the designs comes in small, medium, large and extra large.

They are perfect for a weekend trip, long holiday or just a cool place to keep important toys.

Sophie La Girafe Teething Ring Sets

Is funny how I have discovered so much unique toys since I started this kid's blog and I wished that I had discovered when I had my children. Take for an example this unique teething toy for babies. Not only is it naturally gentle as the tactile rubber is kind to tiny hands and newborn gums,but can you imagine all the lovely comments you will get from other parents and rest of the people. 

I love them so much.

Back To School: Fraction/ And Percentage Tower Cubes

Fraction/ And Percentage Tower Cubes £11 at Great Little Trading Co

Every child learn different and therefore it is ideal to use the appropriate educational aid to help get the best out of each child. If your child learns more visually then using something like tower cubes will help him or her understand fraction better as well percentages.   

Friday, 26 July 2013

Kids Character Luggage For Children

Travelling on a holiday as a family is hard enough as it is without the added stress of trying to ensure all the essentials for each child are not forgotten.
So give your kid or kids reasons to carry their own belongings by getting them luggage inspired by one of their favourite TV character.

Thankfully these kids character luggages will add some fun to your travel as the kids enjoy their fun wheelie suitcases.

Suitcases For Girls

Suitcases For Boys

For more funky and usual kids inspired suitcases please visit Kids Travel for more inspiration.

Vintage Baby Shoes? Really

This vintage ballerina style bears resemblance to a similar version by a brand called Bloch. But what really got my attention is name 'Vintage Pink Leather Ballet Pumps by Chloe'.

Not too sure what is so vintage about this crib girl's shoes to warrant the name! Judging from the picture, the leather looks very soft.  Are they cute? Without a doubt yes. Are they vintage enough? For me definitely not.

Does anyone else share the same view?

Belle & Boo Duffle Bag

You can go ahead and break the tradition of having to take rucksack and suitcase to stay over at grandmas and simply carry this cute and lovely duffel bag instead. The featured image is very dreamy and perhaps reminds you of your childhood.

It can used to store small soft toys too.

Baby Bangs Company Sells Wigs for Newborns

Baby Bangs Made Just Little Girls $29.95 

It is described as a beautiful creations of hair and hair band combined. First of all my apologies if what I am going write somehow sounds a bit rude. But why would anyone want to buy a wig for their little baby.

A company based in the USA known as baby bangs sells baby wig. Is this a wonderful idea, crazy idea or absolute madness. What is so wrong with a baby sporting bald head?

Have you as a parent or guardian ever bought baby wig for your child? If yes what was your reason if you don't mind me asking.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Treat For Pretty Little Feet By Finding Alice

Every now and again we all love wearing something with a bit of a personal touch whether it is a piece of jewellery, a handbag or even shoes. And talking of shoes how about having shoes made specifically for your little girl. Usually anything that has the mentioned word of 'handmade' normally comes with a hefy price tag. 

But handmade shoes by Finding Alice starts from £30 and you can have the same design as your little girl. Shoes come in sizes baby 5 to adult 6. Each of their shoes comes in beautifully packaged in a unique organza bags.

Below are some of their collections:

Lacey - a mixture of pretty lace and delicate tulle make this style quite unique.

Blossom - A real flowery treat for tiny feet.

Ribbons & Bows - Our ribbons and bows are made just for girly girls

Flowergirl - The perfect shoe for whimsical weddings and creative christenings.

Please visit their website - Finding Alice

Girl's Grey T-Shirt with Butterfly Applique

The bold butterfly appliqué on the front is made of sequins and beads for a glittery finishing touch. Perfect when teamed with leggings, jeans or a denim skirt.

Girl's Skirt Daisy Chain In Blue By John Lewis

Girl's Skirt Daisy Chain In Blue By John Lewis from £14

I love how this skirt looks, even though the colour is predominately pastel blue it still manages to remain girlie without the overload of pink. There have used the subtle addition of white and pink stripe trim on the hem and as a tie in belt on the waist.

The overall look is crisp and neat.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Tiny New Royal! Biscuiteers Biscuit Tin

Congratulations to William and Kate on the birth of their little prince! 

This tin is perfect for celebrating the arrival of a new baby prince or princess in your life, or makes a gorgeous royal souvenir. The special limited edition royal baby tin features traditional silver spoons, regal rattles and the obligatory celebratory fizz. perfect for celebrating the arrival of some very important babies!

To have your own  personalised 'Royal Biscuit Tin' simply let +Biscuiteers  know the name of the new arrival and they’ll ice it in their own best handwriting on to one of the pram biscuits in the tin.

This collection is iced on their own vanilla bake made with fresh vanilla pods.

Prince Charming BabyBox Fit For Your Little Prince

BabyBox London have put together an exclusive ‘Prince Charming BabyBox’ fit for your little Prince!

The BabyBox costs £51.80 and includes x2 giant swaddles, similar to the one His Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge was pictured in his car seat leaving the Lindo Wing. It also includes a hand crocheted baby rattle, some very gentle top-to-toe wash and a 100% organic babygrow. This includes free overnight shipping within the UK.

Shoppers can choose from BabyBox Bespoke, a tailor made service allowing you to create your very own personalised gift box or BabyBox Express, a selection of pre-designed boxes, each themed differently.

Royal Baby Boy By Melijoe

Consciously or unconsciously the nation if not the whole world would have heard the mention of the new royal baby boy belonging to Kate and William. Her is also known as the 'Prince of Cambridge', though his real name is yet to be revealed.

Below are selections of regal look for your little royal baby boy:

Navy Blue Teddy by Ralph Lauren | Maxi swaddles - Little Aviator by Aden + Anais | Hazelnut Leopold Teddy Bear by Theophile et Patachou

Burgundy gingham shirt by Little Marc Jacobs | White Oxford Shirt by Ralph Lauren | Sapphire Blue Stripes by Ralph Lauren

For more selection please follow this click: Royal Baby Boy

Royal Baby Memorabilia - Duchess Teething Necklace

Royal baby memorabilia in celebration of Kate and William's baby boy.

Duchess Teething Necklace £15.95 from Gumigem

Bright winter sky blue and frosty white. Get yourself a Kate & Will's baby memorabilia!

This celebrates the recent announcement of Kate & Will's pregnancy... why this one... well...

Kate was asked about her fave hue. "I don't know if I have a favourite colour." She turned to William and questioned, "What's yours?" William answered, "Definitely blue." Kate mused, "I think mine is white."

Warning: Gumigem necklace - children & babies must only interact with necklace when worn by an adult due to long cord - strangulation risk This is not a toy

Bangles - suitable as unsupervised teething toys from birth and carry the CE Mark.

Gumigem have been endorsed by David MacPherson BDS, Scottish Dentist of the year 2013, of Whitemoss Dental Practice, he says: "Gumigem Jewellery is a modern Teething product and looks fashionable and is easy for parents to wear during Teething. It helps with the discomfort of teething and aids the eruption of baby teeth which is a huge benefit for parents and babies".

The Real Gatsby Fashion For Kids

Boy's Attire:
Suit jacket, | Shirt |, Bow tieWaistcoat | Suit trousers, all outfits are by Dolce & Gabbana

Girl Attire:
Dress,  by Dolce & Gabbana

This shot was taken from the Melijoe Le Magazine 2013

Iconic twenties style is roaring once again, and in a wink to Gatsby-inspired looks, we took to Paris’ Hôtel Lutetia for a Fitzgerald-like party, where a mini Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby take center stage.

Mode Seed Gatsby A green 20s', a beautiful dressing room, a dandy and a small mini lady had an air of Gatsby ...

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Royal Baby Memorabilia - Royal Dribble Bibs

Royal Baby Dribble Bibs £4 from Funky Giraffe Bibs

Royal baby memorabilia in celebration of Kate and William's baby boy.

Fruit Iinspired Mary Janes Jelly Sandals by Mini Melissa

You may have turn  a blind eye to anything fruit inspired footwear within the adult shoe range because to you they look kind of creepy. But kids shoes with cute motifs are always a selling point to both children and their parents alike. Even if you have always been funny with buying kids anything with fancy drawings or motifs on them, these cute jelly sandals by Mini Melissa might cause you to just change your mind.

Very Cute Indeed: Cupcake Inspired Baby Bodysuit

Bluebird Creation currently have very delicious looking and stylish bodysuit for your little princess to wear both now and later. Each of the cupcakes bodysuits contains six bodysuits - three for now, (size 0-3 months), and three for later, (size 3-6 months). 

They are prefect for baby shower gifts!

Pintastic: Interview Questions For My Grand Parents

Saw this article from pinterest filed under kids by Jimmyz Rock. Thought it was lovely idea and that's my reason for sharing them with you guys

Monday, 22 July 2013

Pintastic! Angry Bird Food by The White Library

Just saw this on pinterest board.  I thought it is very funny and inspirational for the angry bird fan!

Click to Follow: The White Library on Pinterest

Outfit Of The Week: Ken's Dapper By Suzanne Ermann

Thank goodness that Ken wasn't left out of the Limited Barbie Collection by Suzanne Ermann. I love the contrast stitching seen on this jacket. The suit is prefect choice for special occasions. Just in case you missed the post click here -  Barbie collections for girls

Barbie and Suzanne Ermann Barbie Dress Collaboration with Barbie Doll

Suzanne Ermann has teamed up with iconic doll brand to create limited edition of matching girls and dolls dresses that Barbie fans will love.

This is my first time of me coming across a set of collection inspired by one of the world famous dolls having a matching outfit of the doll also made for the loyal fans to have. Imagine the smile on your little girls face wearing a matching outfit as her doll. It would be a dream come true as a birthday gift, Christmas gifts from either parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties, niece, nephews, cousins or god-father, god-mother etc.

This will be a chance for your daughter to owe a piece of Barbie history.

The collections comes in four pieces with matching Barbie doll also in four pieces.

Back To School: Disney Character Kids Flasks

Colourful flask that kids that take when out and about or when going to school.




For more selections - click here Disney Kids Flasks