Saturday, 30 November 2013

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Furniture Of The Week: The Caravan Dresser

I love these dresser for a one reason only and it has something to do with the colourful accent which can be seen around the edge of the dresser. The colourful accents adds a playful feel to the furniture. It's very modern and is perfect for either boys or girls bedroom. A hardwood chest featuring three slide storage drawers with integrated pulls.

Jouets à Traîner Pingy Family By Djeco

Despite all the technological toys available for kids, I still and would always have a soft spot for wooden toys. Wooden toys are great because they are free from on/off switches, batteries, and USB connectors. And it for the reason that I love this timeless pull along wooden plaything for babies and toddlers. The Pingy Family pull along toy is intended to develop the skills and observational capacities of the very young. Suitable for 12 months and up.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Dinosaur Hooded Bath Robe From Wicked Uncle

Dinosaur Hooded Bath Robe £39.99 From Wicked Uncle 

If your little treasure hates bath time for whatever reason, buying him this dinosaur bath robe could be the only way to get to love bath tine all over again. Made of cotton & bamboo fibre, it features silky soft with hood and is perfect for snuggly bath times.

Suitable from age 1+.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Monnalisa Leopard False Fur Coat

Today in the UK was so cold even in the South of England, I felt chills going through my body. So if you are looking for a stylish faux fur coat for your little ones to wear during this cold season and you have unlimited budget, then I would like to recommend this lovely and elegant looking leopard print faux fur coat by Monnalisa. 

Ballet Beauty Bag by Tyrrell Katz

Ballet Beauty Bag £19.50 At Wicked Uncle

This ballet inspired bag is a multi functional bag for girls. It can be use to store wash things, first make up kit or simply used as a holdall for sleepovers. Girls who are fans of ballet would truly adore this bag. It is certainly not common.

Pull Along Ant with Rolling Egg

Even I have bought toys for my kids made of various materials, but I would go back to preferring wooden toy. I don't know what it is about wooden toy that makes them feel so unique and they seems to look better with age.

This pull along wooden ant covered in glossy colours is definitely eye catching with the ant's tail and antennae wobble on springs as he moves. These features will be a source of fascination and fun for the little ones, especially the rotating yellow egg.

Chocolate Brown Suede Leather Shoes By Dolce and Gabbana

It might seen so wrong to be featuring these chocolate brown shoes given that the mindset of everyone right now is all about winter shoes. But there are those of us who preparing for their winter sun and would definitely appreciate a head start on where to buy boys shoes that warm climate appropriate. I love the colour as it would hide dirt very well,  so you don't have to spend time trying to keep his shoes clean.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Outfit Of The Week: Dusky Pink Ruffle Frill Dress

This pretty dusky-pink dress is an Italian brand known for producing adorable dresses for girls aged 2 to 12 years. They will make the perfect special occasion or party outfit for your little girl. You will only find this dusky pink dress attractive if you are so much into ruffles, as some people might look at the amount of ruffles on this dress as being too much.

The dress is made from ruffled chiffon with a slight gold sheen. It features zip at the back and has a thick satin lining which gives it a great shape.

Furniture Of The Week: Wooden Dolls Pram by Hippy Chick

Wooden Dolls Pram £69 by Hippy Chick At Gift Library

This lovely looking pram will be a hit with parents and your little girl alike. It is certainly unusual with the material used in making the dolly pram. I love the pop of colour in red used for the wheels and handle as well as the finishing feminine touch  in the form of a cut out heart shape.

The Wooden Dolls Pram by Hippy Chick is made of and has wooden wheels with rubber tyres. The high-quality birch veneer is sourced from sustainable sources. Each toy is designed to encourage toddlers to develop their motor skills confidently and at their own pace. This stylish Doll’s Pram will bring years of joy to your toddler.

Yellow Tyko Bathroom Radio By Lexon

This is apparently a bathroom radio and the bright yellow colour is said to add pizazz to shower time which I agree. This yellow bathroom radio can also make a great Christmas stocking too. And according to the Alex and Alexa, the maker of this bathroom radio 'Lexon' has had a permanent display at the New York museum of modern art. I think that says a lot about this brand.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Girls Faux-Fur Leopard Sleeveless Jacket By Mayoral

I have seen looking at a lot faux fur jackets recently, some which are overpriced and others are so affordable but cheap looking. I have bought a few of Mayoral products for my kids in the past and I am very happy with my purchases so far. This faux fur sleeveless jacket not only looks of high quality but the price point is so perfect. And it is no surprise that certain sizes are already out of stock. 

Right now, there's only 14 years and 16 years old sizes left. The jacket is timeless and elegant.

Girl's Velvety Smoking Slipper By J Crew

These smoking slippers or loafers as some of you would like to call it makes the perfect autumn and winter shoes on days when your little girl doesn't want to squeeze her feet into boots. They are also make the perfect everyday shoes to wear in the cold seasons. The heart shape appliqué also adds a flairs to the shoes. The price tag would prove to much for some people to spend on a pair of shoes, but I still love them.

J Crew Boys Wool Black Watch Bomber

If you are a fan of the old Hollywood film that is war themed based, then you will already be familiar with the bomber jacket. Well this wool black watch bomber jacket which is vintage inspired and the name 'Black Watch' is a uniform worn by the British Army’s Royal Highland Regiment who used to watch over the Highlands, in the 18th century. The Highlands is based in Scotland which explains the tartan influence.

It is a really piece that your little boy will cherish whilst keeping him warm in the cold.

Star Wars Themed Cooking Kit

I don't know about you but I remember watching the original 'Star Wars' film starring Harrison Ford. And despite other subsequent episodes, nothing beats the original star wars in my humble opinion. So if any of your little ones are a huge fan of star wars, they might love this ' Star Wars Themed Cooking Kit '. My attraction to this item has to be the lightsaber ice-pop moulds. It looks similar to a glow stick or glow sword.

The cookbook features recipes that will appeal to both girls and boys such as Qui-Gon Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwiches, and each of the recipes is based around the characters or props in the films. 

This is what one of the J Crew team Jenny has to say about this book -  "I would never think of buying my sons a cookbook, but I can just hear them laughing when they see the recipe for Ice Cream Clones. Plus, it’s a really fun activity for parents and kids to do together.”

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Beige Velvet Beaded Dress By Quis Quis

This dress looks very old fashion in a good way. It has a vintage feel and I can see the influence of the 1920's all over it with the drop waist. Given the hefty price tag, this would be make the ideal special occasion outfit for the little girl in your life. It is heavily decorated with beads on a velvet fabric. It also features a detachable pearl beaded collar, zip on the back and stretchy elasticated hem. 

Large Nativity Set By Sevi

This colourful and charming set of nativity is something that kids could play with for many Christmases to come. The set allows children to create their own scene of the nativity using "props" such as a stable, palm trees and a fabric base. The look of the set is very modern and will appeal to parents and children alike.

Girls Floating Hearts Sweater By J Crew

This stylish jumper is made for a combination of wool and angora featuring hearts placed in different positions. This sweater is sure to keep your littlest lady cute and cosy through the autumn and well into winter.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Marks And Spencer Minnie Mouse Hooded Fleece Onesie

Or less the heating in your house is on full blast, you must know by now that summer nightwear doesn't really work during the cold season. And huge energy bill means that you want better alternatives on how to conserve spending without sacrificing warmth. So if your little girl is in need of some warm nightwear, then let one of the purchases been this pop of colour Minnie Mouse inspired onesie.

It has a fleece finish, hood with bow and ear feature and Minnie Mouse appliqué and print. It is available in sizes 18 months to 7 years, although 5 to 7 years are now sold out.

Monnalisa Embroidered Tulle And Dark Grey Jersey Dress

There's something about this tulle jersey dress that feels inspired by the 1920's fashion and ballet. I love the contrast of dark grey material as a back drop with lace overlay. The beige lace is also used to create the tutu skirt effect which playfully flares out from the waist. 

This pretty dress is adored with a bow detail on side very close to the neck area.

Boys Navy Blue Quilted Jacket By Timberland

Keep your soldiers warm during this cold season with this stylish Timberland's quilted jacket. It has the look of classic winter jackets similar to that of Barbour. It also comes with a tonal corduroy trim which gives the jacket a nice contrast finish.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Outfit Of The Week: Sleeveless Polka Dot Collared Dress By Monnalisa

The lace collar detailing and the floral belt might seem at odds with the rest of the outfit, but overall the different texture of materials used in making this pretty party dress works so well. The fuchsia pink lace collar is detachable which can also offer you another type of look. This pretty piece also features a mesh lining for volume and gorgeous floral design waistband.

Furniture Of The Week: Rocker Chair And Footstool At Toys R Us

These comfy children's armchair with gentle rocking action comes in two different colours that will appeal to boys and girls. It also comes with a matching footstool that will look so beautiful in any child's bedroom. It is ideal for both toddler and young children as it would make them feel so grown up. Apart from being stylish, the 'Leather Effect' makes them so easy to clean.

My only gripe is why the pink colour is more expensive than the blue. Perhaps it is just a typo from the store.

Pink Tulle Tutu By Atsuyo Et Akiko

This beautiful tulle tutu skirt is really beautiful with the gold glittery trimmings by Atsuyo Et Akiko. It is hand crafted in the USA. Your little girl will be twirling non stop. It also comes with a tie fastening, the piece is finished off with gold pom poms.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child At The Barbican

Ever since my son brought the book (circa 2010) home as part of the free book being distributed at schools, his fascination on anything Gruffalo related is not on the wane anything time soon. To add to that his younger siblings have also gotten into the act of Gruffalo wanting to read the book too.

So as the Christmas holiday is slowly but surely creeping up upon us, I have already started to think about what to with the kids as a family. So whilst searching the Internet, I came across this event at the Barbican featuring the acclaimed animations of Julia Donaldson's The Gruffalo and its delightful successor The Gruffalo's Child.

I thought that this would be a great pre-Christmas show! In a perfect festive treat for younger children.

Below are the details:

FilmThe Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child At The Barbican

Date: Saturday 21st December 2013

Time: 13.30 and 16.00

Place: Barbican Hall

Price: £25 each and half price for under 16's

A.O.B: £2 online booking fee, £3.50 telephone booking fee per transaction

Sweet Candy Prints And Sparkles Girls Swimsuits By Samantha Sage

To keep on top of trends within the children's fashion, I usually subscribe to newsletters from various retailers. Last Thursday, I received a newsletter from Children featuring delicious looking swimsuits ranges by Samantha Page. This brilliantly bold collection of swimsuits and bikinis features prints in sweet candy and sparkles. These beautiful line is proudly made in England.

The above brightly coloured swimwear features the signature jelly bean print dusted with glitter.

Girls Sweets Print Swimsuits £77  | Girls Sweets Print Bikini £77

These girls swimwear features candy prints with a cute, striped frill, lightly sprinkled
with pretty, pink glitter.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Little Girl's Vintage Looking Faux Fur Leopard Coat

One major bonus point with this vintage looking coat is that it is machine washable. This collarless coat is inspired by the grown up women's style thereby making it the perfect mini me - those that love to dress up in the outfit as their daughter. There's a feel of couture quality with you look at this coat.

Faux Fur and Leather Look Sleeve Coat By Baby K

The Baby K range is a joint collaboration between Myleene Klass and Mothercare. Whilst I have not personally bought anything from the range for my kids, I do however love this coat. Apart from the leopard print body and Peter Pan style collar, the coat does look very warm and cosy. The brown mock leather look sleeves does offer a nice contrast. Price starts from £28 and available sizes is from 6 months to 3 years old.

Formal Little Girl's Bow Coat By J Crew

I simply adore this coat for two reasons only. The first being the slightly one sided bow and my second reason has to be the black piping detailing. This is coat is trendy as well as being timeless and it is not often these two words (trendy and timeless) are used to described a stylish item. According to J Crew, this little girl'd formal coat is made of high-density wool that adds tremendous warmth without the bulk.

Baker By Ted Baker Faux Fur Shrug Coat In Red Mahogany

Baker By Ted Baker Faux Fur Shrug Coat £28.85 In Red Mahogany

This is a lovely rich dark purple coat that will look so elegant over a party dress. It can also look equally cute over a casual attire also. The same style is also available for babies too. It features fold-over collar with clip closure near neck.

Black And Pink Sleeveless Dress By Zoe

I am not quite sure if the designer 'Zoe' referred to there is the same as the well known and popular stylist called Rachel Zoe. Anyway back to the dress, the vertical positioning of black and pink fabric is so eye catching and adding a pop of colour in pink does help to add visual interest. As well as the different texture of material in lace and sequin which simply takes this dress to another level. It is a dress for the older girls between the ages of 7 to 16 years old. 

Outfit Of The Week: Rosette Bouquet Dress By Halabaloo

Usually when I do 'Outfit Of The Week', I just stick to one post for the week for this category. But I couldn't resist featuring this lovely and very floral dress by Halabaloo. Price starts from £51.93

Personally I would say that this a break taking dress and a breath of fresh air as it is so different and perfect for any special occasion. 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Outfit Of The Week: Pink Rosette Dress By Milly Minis

For this week outfit of the week, I am choosing these stand out dress by Milly Minis and it is not hard to see why. It is an exquisite dress designed by Michele Smith from her New York design house. This Pink Rosette Dress is rafted in the U.S.A would make the perfect choice for the most special occasions.

The dusty pink hue features sleeveless arms with a voluminous rosette skirt, a black ribbon at the waist and a concealed zip fastening at the reverse.

Somerset By Alice Temperley Girls' Woven Trench Coat

Those of you who are big fans of Duchess Of Cambridge would already know that she loves Alice Temperley. Somerset By Alice Temperley is a joint collaboration between herself and John Lewis. The above featured coats is made from a blend of soft virgin wool and luxurious cashmere. And the added leather belt not only gives a nice contrast but helps to ensure a stylish finish. It some how bear resemblance to a Burberry coat with a classic British style.

Back To School: Nike Basket Run Trainers For Little Girls

These Nike Air Max 90 Trainers has been designed with the growing athlete in mind. It offers the following benefits:
  • Leather and mesh upper for comfort and breathability
  • Max Air unit at heel for maximum impact protection
  • Rubber outsole with modified Waffle pattern for traction and durability
The same style of trainers is available also for older girls and toddlers. They are on sale directly at the Nike Store website.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Little Creature Pink And Grey Boots By EMU

Little Creature Pink And Grey Boots By EMU

First of all, these cute boots are made by EMU which tells me that they are of good quality. There are in fact made of leather upper with sheepskin inner lining. The funny and humorous kid like character on these boots will leave your little girl wanting to wear them all the time. 

Hot Or Hmm: Bronze Zucca Fur Trim Nest By Fendi

I saw this baby nest by Fendi, I loved it straight except for one stumbling point the price tag of £318. Is there any difference between this particular type of baby nest and other baby nests in the market. I am very sure that I could get something similar if not better at a much lesser price. 

So I guess my question is do you consider this Bronze Zucca Fur Trim Nest to be Hot or Hmm?

Gruffalo Dress Up Walk In Sleeper

This would make a great gift for the Gruffalo little fan in your life. It looks really cosy

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Furniture Of The Week: Wishbone Three Way Wooden Ride On By Cheeky Rascals

This wishbone toy would be ideal as a birthday and Christmas present as they are suitable from 1 to 5 year old. This wooden toy is inspired by rocking horse which is a traditional toy with an eco friendly twist as it is  built from sustainable wood. 

From 12 months old, it starts off as a compact rocker and as the child grows, you flip the base and it turns into a push toy; great for those first, supported steps. Later, the toy can be used in mode 3 as a ride-on toy for whizzing around the house.

You can also check out the rest of baby and child product ranges available at Not On The High Street

Girl's Silky Copper Bloom Jacquard Dress

Girl's Silky Copper Bloom Jacquard Dress BY J Crew

I love the colour contrast of cooper and navy blue. In the ideal world we will all love to splash out $168 for this little girl's dress.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Sir Edward Teddy Bear By Steiff

There's no doubt this is an expensive teddy bear but one that can become a family heirloom which is passed down from one generation to another. Whilst I don't know who 'Sir Edward' is, the teddy bear does have an old fashion vibe that I found very appealing. 

This is a limited edition teddy bear as there are only 1,500 Sir Edward bears are available worldwide. This baroque bear is made in Germany by Steiff from the finest golden mohair. The bear comes dressed in a jacquard manorial coat, silk dupion waistcoat and a handmade lace jabot. His paws are crafted in the finest felt and his face is adorned with a hand stitched nose and mouth and black beaded eyes.

Little Girl Floral Brocade Dress By Harrods Of London

Little Girl Floral Brocade Dress £189 By Harrods Of London

Not only is this dress really beautiful but it can also act as a multi purposeful dress. This floral dress is by Harrods Of London and can act as an flower girl dress, party dress to attend various winter functions such as winter weddings.

It features a combination of pretty pink and nude hue and is finished off with an elegant sash-tie belt.

Girls Pink Sheepskin Leather Boots By Love From Australia

Initially I thought that these girl pink winter boots were by UGG Australia, but in fact they are actually by Love From Australia. These dusky pink sheepskin leather boots are handmade and features gripped sole, knitted cuffs and a soft thick fur lining to the toe. 

These are really beautiful and seems to be a little bit more affordable than UGG Australia.