Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Royal Baby Memorabilia - Duchess Teething Necklace

Royal baby memorabilia in celebration of Kate and William's baby boy.

Duchess Teething Necklace £15.95 from Gumigem

Bright winter sky blue and frosty white. Get yourself a Kate & Will's baby memorabilia!

This celebrates the recent announcement of Kate & Will's pregnancy... why this one... well...

Kate was asked about her fave hue. "I don't know if I have a favourite colour." She turned to William and questioned, "What's yours?" William answered, "Definitely blue." Kate mused, "I think mine is white."

Warning: Gumigem necklace - children & babies must only interact with necklace when worn by an adult due to long cord - strangulation risk This is not a toy

Bangles - suitable as unsupervised teething toys from birth and carry the CE Mark.

Gumigem have been endorsed by David MacPherson BDS, Scottish Dentist of the year 2013, of Whitemoss Dental Practice, he says: "Gumigem Jewellery is a modern Teething product and looks fashionable and is easy for parents to wear during Teething. It helps with the discomfort of teething and aids the eruption of baby teeth which is a huge benefit for parents and babies".