Thursday, 12 March 2015

Skribbles Trainers - Draw | Wipe | Draw

Children might be happy for you to pick out an already made shoes for them which is fine if this is what both of you want. As for those with children of their own or that work with children will tell you, children will appreciate something more if they are involved in the creating process whether it is pizza making or cake baking or simply designing something to be used in the house.

I came across this interesting concept called Skribbles. In a nutshell children get to customise their own shoes to their individual taste with their own scribbling in their own chosen colours.

And there are three colours to choose from navy blue, neon black and pink paradise in kids sizes from 10 to 3. Retail price each pair is £39.95.

What about rain? Will the ink come off?

No. As long as some time has been given for the ink to dry onto the shoe surface your drawings should stay on even if it rains!! The longer the ink has been on the shoe the more resilient they are to scuffing and extreme weather conditions.