Thursday, 5 December 2013

Customizable Sneakers by Monkies

Velcro Magic Baskets €59 By Monkies

If you were to ask anyone that work with kids the best way to get co-operation from children, the reply would be that children appreciate things more if they were involved in making or creating them. And that's the feeling I know kids would get when presented with these customizable high top trainers.

This range is by Monkies and comes with a plain white trainers, three velcro straps for easy on easy off, seven magic markers, sponge and waterproof technology and design resists to snow and rain. Basically, the child gets to scribble anything that pleases him or her. With the added sponge, it allows you to erase the drawings or designs and redraws anything else that tickles their fancy.

The interior is made of blue striped cotton textile with thick rubber soles.

So here is how it works:
  1. You need a pair of Monkies to start with
  2. Easy! Magic markers allows kids to design, colour and customise their kicks
  3. Colour in your design. In the rain or snow, the motif won't run
  4. Magic sponge. Erase any mistake and start again!
  5. Ready..........Set.................Start Again!!