Friday, 6 December 2013

Blossom Top 5s Gifts For Foodie Parents

Blossom is the perfect shop for Yummy Mummies. Well we think we have a broader appeal than that but it got us thinking about the  products we have that really do put the "yummy" into mummy's life with our Favourite 5 Gifts for Foodie Mums and Dads.

Meal times are massively important to baby's development but can be time-consuming and stressful so you try to ensure your little one gets the nutrition they need to grow and the fuel they need for their play.
So here we go our specially selected foodie gifts range from the wonderful people of Beaba.

The award winning BabyCook Solo. A superb gadget for preparing meals. It Steams, cooks, blends, reheats, and defrosts and even has a smoothie maker. It is built with busy parents in mind so for example it has been designed to be used on handed so if your little one needs soothing in countdown to meal time you can be doing two things at once, it is brimming with smart ideas like this and safety features like safety lock, anti-heat zone, and auto shut-off feature. It is a wonderful bit of kit and will enhance and simplify meal-times no end.

With all that in mind we have chosen the BabyCook Solo Cookbook as our second product. It contains 85 delicious & innovative recipes created by  chef and father of two David Rathgeber. Not solely for use with the BabyCook Solo but designed with it in mind it's a great way to give your little one a balanced healthy diet when they make the leap onto the more challenging food they need as they grow into active little toddlers.

The Beaba BabyCook Book £17.50

Get the most out of mealtimes, especially if you are already armed with the BabyCook Solo, with the Beaba Accessories Set. Handy items like the Pasta/Rice Cooker or drink bottle will make mealtimes easier for you and for baby.

The BabyCook Solo Accessories Set £21.00

Having your meals planned out and prepared in advance can save so much time when you really need it and if you are taking the time to prepare these lovely meals then throwing the leftovers away is such a shame. This is where our Baby Portion Storage set comes in. It contains 2 Baby portions containers of 150 ml, 2 large portions containers 300 ml, and two "Maxi+ portions" of 500 ml. They are dishwasher and microwave safe too.

 Stacking Portion Storage Containers By Beaba £20

Cute, bright and colourful our Beaba Feeding Spoons set is another example of design and function. Dishwasher safe and produced without seams where germs can hide the silicon materials are kind to tender little gums. They are compact and tidy away easily so you can keep them in your kitchen or your bag for when you have a day out.

Beaba Feeding Spoons £12