Friday, 29 March 2013

Teddy Bear Lamp from Suck UK

I wouldn't have thought of the possibility of using something like teddy that is so intricately connected to childhood and turn it into something practical and useful like a lamp for the bedroom.

Not only is this unique and I bet you that children from all varied age group would fall in love with this.

The seller sums up the teddy bear lamp so nicely:
Is he a bear? Is he a lamp? Whichever way you choose to see him, he's weirdly wonderful. He'll win a place in your heart as he sits on your shelf or bedside table. The black fabric-covered shade is a reflective gold on the inside to enhance Teddy’s golden features.

His plump body lets you park him where you please without fear of him toppling over. Poor Ted may have lost his head, but he definitely lights up the room!
£90.74 at Amazon UK