Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Kids Shoe Designer: Pablosky

I have always relied on Clark shoes as the to go shoe shop for kids to wear to school. However as a parent I am always on the look out for other brands with the same quality or even better than whatever my current favourite brand at the time might be. One of the brands that I have recently discovered is a Spanish Designer - Pablosky.

Pablosky has been manufacturing children´s shoes for over 30 years in the Spanish town of Toledo. They have become experts in children´s fashion as well as knowing what a child needs.

I bought my daughter's first school shoes about a year ago and the way the shoes has passed the test of time was shocking to me. The price tag is of the same region as most well known retailers for kids shoes. One of the retailers that stock Pablosky is Spartoo.