Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lego Toys Better Than Easter Egg

It so easy for us to think that the only presents to give the little man or woman is an Easter egg. For those of us wanting something much more significant other than the edible chocolate might consider these lovely selections of Lego. One thing for sure is that they would last longer than the Easter egg. Better still, you can actually go generous and buy one Lego toy and one Easter egg which makes the perfect equilibrium.

Below are some lovely Easter gift ideas all under £20 to consider buying for your precious ones.

My first pick from the under £20 Lego is the:
Lego Creative Bucket £19.99

It has all sort of colours that will appeal both to girls and boys. It is for age group 4 to 99 years old. It contains about 600 pieces and the pieces can be use to build elements such as animals, buildings, and vehicles or anything that tickles your imagination! Perfect for spending time with the kids.

Lego Creative Ice Cream £12.99

This creative ice cream Lego is available in 24 pieces and is part of the DUPLO range is suitable for toddlers. They will enjoy playing with the cones, bricks and toppings to see who can make the biggest, tastiest or craziest ice cream cone! Suitable for 1.5 to 5 years old.

Lego Junior Vehicle Suitcase £19.99

This 145 pieces of Lego Vehicle Suitcase is suitable for ages 4 -8. The theme of this Lego set is a business guy who needs help from the gas station mechanic to keep his sports car fuelled up and on the road.