Friday, 28 March 2014

Make Dinner Tine Fun With Personalised Placemat By Freckle Box

Whilst most parents can boost about their kids been well behaved during meal times, there are also other parents who also struggle to have peace at meal times. One way to combat this struggle would be to have personalised place-mat where your child's name in inscribe beautifully.

You can imagine the smile on their faces each time their food or snack is placed on their personalised place-mat. This could also be given as a birthday gift either to a boy or girl. Each of the personalised place-mat
 is made of gloss cover paper stock and is laminated on both sides for easy cleaning. It also features rounded corners.  Each one costs $9.95 and they also ship outside of the US too. Below are some of my favourites from Freckle Box:

Race Car Placemat 

The Little Hero Placemat

The Happy Turtle Placemat

The Lollipop Hearts Placemat