Monday, 2 December 2013

Black Barbie and Ken's Nigeria Traditional Wedding By Photography Obi

So what do you think of this Nigeria traditional weddings black Barbie and Ken? I came across this website when browsing from one website to another. According to the photographer Obi, he got bored sometime last December, and then came across French photographer Beatrices’ Barbie and Kens’ wedding shoot, and with some inspiration from the black Barbie shoot on Italian Vogue, he decided to create a Nigerian Traditional wedding shoot with black Barbie and Ken … it started up as a pretty simple shoot that would have taken about a week or so, but it ended up taking up to 5 months. He had to enlist the help of his wife to help out with the outfits, as well as with searching the internet for all the little accessories.

He said that he was beginning to get weird looks from my son whenever I came home with a barbie …

Source: Photography Obi