Tuesday, 13 August 2013

High Heels For Little Girls Good or Bad Parenting?

I don't think it's fair to blame Suri Cruise (the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) for the increase in sales of high heel shoes for little girls. Even before Suri Cruise was born little girls all over the world would remember at some point in their childhood when they practised walking in heels with their mother's shoes.

A market research conducted by a company called NDP Group said the sales of fashion footwear for girls grew nine per cent in the last year, after a five per cent growth the previous year. The increase in the shoes' popularity has as much to do with parents as it does with children. (Daily Mail).

Shoe brands such as Steven Madden, Gap Kids, Nina, Michael Kors and Stuart Weitzman have all jumped the bandwagon to design heels for girls too.

Other designers are not so keen in following suit, one of those designer refusing to support the trend is
Sarah Cannova. She is the owner of shoe and accessories boutiques in the Washington, DC area. This is what she has to say on this 'Mini Me' trend, 'You're basically giving the green light to expediting childhood and going full speed on to womanhood,' she said of refusing to buy heeled shoes for her three daughters.

'Childhood is over soon enough as it is,' she added.

At What Age Would You Let Your Daughter Wear Heels? Leave your comments below!