Thursday, 18 July 2013

Is Four-Years Old Too Young For A Child To Have A Phone?

Does the idea of a 4 years old child having a mobile phone sounds like a good parenting or just utter nonsense?  Well my view on this subject is absolutely no for a 4 years old to given a mobile phone.Ii will be more considerate when they are about to enter secondary school or perhaps on their last year at primary school.

There are the main facts:

  • The mobile phone is by a company called  mobile by OwnFone
  • The custom-made, credit-card sized mobile by OwnFone is light on features, but conceptually pretty interesting.
  • It has no screen, keypad or games, but has an easy control scheme, 10 designs and a battery that lasts up to a year.
  • Parents specify up to 12 numbers to pre-program into the phone, which kids can call at the push of a single button.
  • The device, and only use it in the case of emergencies. The definition of emergency varies a great deal
  • OwnFone said that makers say the aim is to keep kids connected, but take away the dangers of a modern smartphone.
  • The 1stFone costs from £55 and is available on a 30-day rolling contract, pay as you go or six and 12-month bundles.
Source: Huffington Post