Thursday, 4 July 2013

Fun Fashionistas Summer Bootcamp for Budding Young Designers

Founded with the intention of encouraging children to pursue their fashion, Fun Fashionistas offers a range of events and activities for youngsters to become acquainted with the world of seams and sewing machines.

Youngsters and pre-teens with a passion for fashion can get to work on their first collection this summer as Fun Fashionistas launches an exciting series of summer workshops. The innovative summer camps will introduce both girls and boys to the world of clothes and fashion, and will teach them a range of new skills that can kick-start a potential career as a designer or seamstress.

Tammi Walker, founder of Fun Fashionistas said, “Our bootcamp summer workshop is perfect for children of all ages who have already shown an interest in fashion. The four-day workshop will take them through a number of exciting activities and teach them some new skills, with a fashion show for family and friends to attend at the culmination of the event, which offers them a chance to showcase what they have achieved.”

The fashion workshop for children takes place from the 5th – 8th of August and will be held at the Piccolo Caffe Hogarth Youth and Community Centre in Chiswick. The timing of the workshop, right in the middle of the summer holidays, also make it a great opportunity for parents to entertain their children for four days with ease. The venue has easy access from local underground stations and the £160 package includes the full four-day experience, along with all materials, teaching, fruit and water for the children.

The first day of the workshop focuses on fashion and design. It allows children to voice their own ideas about fashion, and explains the concept of creating their own brand. Children will create mood boards and start to think about the creation of their own items, using the materials provided by Fun Fashionistas.

Day two will mostly focus on the design of their special item. They will be able to choose from a range of fabrics and learn special sewing techniques for beginners, with supervision at all times. Hand sewing, one of life’s forgotten talents, will be taught, and children will get the chance to learn how to use a sewing machine to carry out basic tasks and enhance their garment or accessory.

The third day will also be spent working hard on their self-designed item, before the fashion show on the final day. Photos will be available, and family and friends can come and see the first collection from what could be one of the UK’s premier fashion designers in ten years’ time.

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