Monday, 6 May 2013

Top Smile Triggers Based on Colgate Research

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Colgate the toothpaste manufacturer conducted a research with both children and parent to find out what their top smile triggers are.

According to  Colgate, below are the answers on top 30 smile triggers

Children say...............          Parents say.........................

playing with friends                                      my children
birthday parties                                            kisses from my children
mum                                                           sunny weather
cuddles                                                        holidays
dad                                                              playing games with children
kisses from mum/dad                                    husband / wife
jokes                                                           going out for the weekend
a new toy                                                    romantic time with my partner
funny faces                                                 winning money from lottery
pocket money                                             spending time with my friends
eating nice food                                           being taken out for a dinner
my pet                                                        getting a pay rise
being read a story                                        comedians
listening to music                                         being a good cook
dancing                                                       money
puppies                                                       getting new clothes
picnics                                                        seeing my parents/ siblings 
going out for meals                                      receiving an email from old friend
my brother and sister                                   going to the pub
new clothes                                                 new shoes
kittens                                                        getting a new car
using the ipad                                              gossipping with friends
spending time with brother and sister             snow days
family                                                         listening to my ipod
new shoes                                                   moving into a new home
gadgets                                                       gadgets
bath time                                                    playing video games
shopping                                                     going to the gym
my friend falling over                                   avoiding a parking tickets
getting a new TV                                         getting a new flat/house

The key to turning the frown on a child's face into a smile doesn't mean forking out for a gadget - because all they really want is a cuddle. Hugs, birthday parties and playing with friends  are more likely to make a youngsters grin than iPads or new clothes,a survey shows.

Mothers are more likely to make  their children smile than fathers, and David Cameron was voted the No.1 famous face to make them sad.

Parents said their offspring are most likely to make them smile -  generally, ten times a day or less. Children, however, are little rays of sunshine - with 42 per cent claiming to smile constantly and 13 per cent saying they smiled 5 million times a day, they told Colgate.