Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Today’s Talker: How Children Hack Off Their Parents

Image Credit : youngsies.com

I saw this article whilst on train to London and the title of the article somehow made me laugh. Last Friday, I went to the town centre with my children after school and I decided to withdraw some money from the cash point. My son watched me dutifully as I keyed in my pin number and at the end of the transaction, he said mummy I know your pin now, it’s ****.

Even when I am shopping online, my son would watch me key in my pin code and try to see if he could memorise my password. Maybe later, whilst he is browsing online he probably would try to enter the password to pay for the entire toys from Amazon - by the way he’s only 6 years old.

The article in Metro is talking about how children hack off their parents. This research is based on a poll conducted by Virtual Piggy. They surveyed 2000 children between the ages of 5 to 18.

Below is what they found:

12% of children have tried to crack their parents’ online password

25% of youngsters have racked up internet bills on their parents’ credit cards or online accounts

80% know the passwords or pin codes to their mother’s and father’s laptops, phones, tablets or PCs

6% said they have owned their own computer since the age of eight

30% of children said they fib about doing homework when they are, in fact, surfing the web.

Source: Metro Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So what have been your experiences with your children? Please share by leaving a comment below.