Friday, 17 May 2013

Review: Geox Ballerina Flats 'Anthea Bomi' in Prune/Black

I became aware of the brand 'Geox' due to my two older boys. All along I have been biased towards Clarks shoes, when it comes to buying school shoes. However as of recent, my daughter's school shoes seems to be on it's last leg - so began my hunt for a new school shoes.

On browsing Spartoo with my daughter, she showed a strong preference towards the purple shoe, although my final decision to buy them also rests on the fact that they look soft, well made and flexible looking at the picture. On arrival I wasn't disappointed, only that I wouldn't buy them as an everyday school shoes because the patent toe cap is likely to wear off quickly. But still a keeper for me - well actually my daughter.

For school shoes, I prefer leather (not patent leather) that would allow me to use shoe polish to add some life to the shoes.

Geox Ballerina Flats £49.59