Sunday, 26 May 2013

Let’s Make Cookie Cutting Fun with 3D Safari Biscuit Mould

I had always loved baking, but having kids has made me to learn more about baking as well as using different techniques. I have acquired a few bakery books from places like ‘the people book’ as they are a lot cheaper than buying from the established book retailers. I love to experiment and the kids also loves getting their hand dirty and make their unique and funny shape.

Baking gingerbread man or buying it from the bakery is one of those childhood memories that will never go away. But now a new company Firebox is taking cookie baking to a whole new level with their own 3D safari inspired biscuit moulds in lion, giraffe, hippo and elephant.

The cutters or moulds come as individual shapes which little hands helped by a grown-up can use to make and bake the animal's constituent parts before slotting them together to create fully three-dimensional standing beasts.

So are you wild about biscuits: These cookie cutters, £7.99 a set from  will liven up a regular recipe. Ideal for the baking enthusiast
Safari Animal Cookie Cutters as a set £26.99 or £7.99 each





Dinosaur Cookie Cutters as a set £26.99 or £7.99 each