Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Help Your Child Set Up a Blog by Sarah Kessler from Mashable

It's so surprising that this article was actually written on 3rd October 2010 and I only just discovered last year March 2012 because I subscribed to Mashable to be receiving their weekly newsletter.

And even with the article being just over 2 years old, I still find the article really interesting and relevant because it's talking about kid's blogging. I also like the emphasis placed on parents understanding the importance of Internet safety. Below is an excerpt from the article

"Some parents are more comfortable if they keep the computer in an open space, make sure any e-mail associated with the blog is delivered to an account that they have access to, and check the blog daily. The amount of monitoring that is appropriate depends on your child.
“You know best the maturity and how much interaction your child can handle,” explains Fioriello. “Supervise them or monitor them or check their browsing history. Do whatever you need to do as a parent, but still allow them to grow and learn.”

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