Monday, 27 May 2013

Furniture of the Week: Colourful Baby's Cot and Cradle

Baby Cradle 319 euro Baby Cot 299 euro
Whether you are soon to be mum, dad, auntie, uncle, grandparents and you are shopping for a new cot; we really tend to stick with the offerings of designs available in traditional colours of white, brown or beige.

A small carpentry firm based in Southern Germany known as Rassel Fisch dare to make a statement with the baby's cot bed by offering them unusual colours. They offer both baby's cot and cradle in really bright eye catching colours such as green, yellow, orange, purple and white. And more importantly, if none of the colours tickles your fancy, you have a option to have the same colour at an additional cost of 50 euros.

I can imagine this being a talking point as visitors gets to have a glimpse of it. And it’s all down to the colours.

Finally important information to leave with you is that Rassel Fisch also ships to the UK for 30 euros. Delivery time is about 6 weeks. For info you can contact them by email -