Monday, 15 April 2013

Yellow Moon's Digital Coin Counting Money Jar

I wanted to start teaching my oldest two children all about money and importance of saving. One evening last year around November 2012, I was presented with a Yellow Moon Christmas catalogue as I picked up my oldest child from after school club. On browsing through the catalogue, I came across some creative and unique gift ideas for Christmas which I never even thought of.

But the one that actually captivated me was the self calculating money jar. Wow - I said to myself  that would make an ideal gifts for Xmas - so off I went and I purchase 2 jars). It's been 3 months plus since they got them (and whilst the beyblade and other 10 seconds Christmas presents are either in the dustbin or almost making their way) the self calculating money jar is still a thing of fascination to them because the numbers change each time they insert a coin.

They also try to say the amount they have saved in words too. The only downside if actually it is seen as that is it requires batteries

£9.99 from Yellow Moon
Digital Coin Counting Money Jar